Which Sportsman/woman are you?

Loads of people would adore being a sportsman/woman. But nobody really knows which one they are most like. This will all change after this quiz... Well what are you waiting for? Do the quiz!! Go on... Hurry up. We don't have all day! COME ON!

Could YOU be a REAL sportsperson? Could YOU be anything like K. Holmes, D. Beckham or J. Wilkinson? Only 1 way to find out... I don't no why they make us do theses silly paragraphs they have to be a certain ammount of characters it's bonkers!!!!

Created by: Flossie of mycoolstuff1234
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. We might as well, here's that stupid colour question.
  2. What would your friends describe u as?
  3. Has anybody ever fancied you?
  4. Pick a sport...
  5. Pick a number...
  6. Have you ever won any awards?
  7. Have you ever donated anything to charity?
  8. Do you understand the rules of Rugby?
  9. Do u like this quiz?
  10. have u ever been in a fist fight

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Quiz topic: Which Sportsman/woman am I?