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  • Your Result: You are a Patrick!

    You have very few brains. You easily give in to peer pressure because you are so naive. You are bipolar, however, and get frustrated easily because of your very limited knowledge of things

    hehehe! honestly i think im a mix between spongebob nd patrick kuz im not bipolar...im always happy nd im not the smartest but i dont give into peer pressure. Great quiz :D

    laughy taffy
  • What the crap? I am SO not Patrick. Would Patrick be in advanced math? Noooooooo. Would Patrick get straight A's? Noooooo. I am slightly bipolar though........

  • i am bipolar ( i have mood swings) i guess i'm naive too. but i'm a good person

  • great quiz... i got spongebob ;)

  • i got spongebob but....im bright ............ i think


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