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  • Spongebob!!!! LOL!!!

    Hardwell Jul 17 '14, 7:51PM
  • I'm spongebob squarepants! I knew I would be anyway :D

    pinkyponky505 Apr 5 '14, 5:20PM
  • Huh, I'm 68 % squid ward and 67% planton :/

    YouToTheTube Dec 5 '13, 6:11PM
  • i liked number 13 :)

    bfaithr Mar 12 '13, 8:36PM
  • Let's see...I'm 84% Sandy, 66% Squidward, 52% Spongebob, 26% Patrick and 14% Plankton. Well, I am a girl, and this is the only girl result here, so this seems fairly accurate (except I'm bad at karate...but I think I'm quite intelligent!)

    xlime4 Feb 10 '13, 7:22AM
  • Your Result: Sandy Cheeks
    70%Howdy Sandy! Down to earth and highly intelligent, you're able to strike the perfect balance between work and play. Although your less smart friends can make your projects go haywire, you're always able to straighten a problem out. But beneath your sweet exterior is a fiery, aggressive person who gets their way no matter what. Whether it's through logic or some butt-spanking karte moves, you know how to persuade people!

    60%Spongebob Squarepants
    54%Patrick Star
    44%Squidward Tentacles

    BadBihh Feb 2 '13, 8:30PM
  • I got Spongebob!!! Yay! ( he's my fave character xD )

    pixielover12 Dec 29 '12, 11:30AM
  • I'm a boy and I got Sandy. Wait if I'm using proper grammar on the internet... Looks like I am a nerd.

    pikachew Nov 9 '12, 7:32PM
  • i have THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! GARY

    peanut357 Aug 28 '12, 2:40PM
  • I have the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Gary!!!!!!!!!!

    peanut357 Aug 28 '12, 2:39PM
  • i have THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! GARY

    peanut357 Aug 28 '12, 2:38PM
  • i got patrick lol hes funny i think i want squidward NAHH patricks fine duhhhhh..... ZZZZzZZZzzZzzZZ.... ..................L OL

    liadoodle03 Jun 17 '12, 10:36AM
  • I'm Patrick!!!!

    Icepaw Aug 23 '11, 8:16PM
  • I got SpongeBob! Awesome! Plus, he's the best of the best!! >:-D

    smartgirl115 Jun 8 '11, 11:44PM
  • Im spongebob!!!(I wanted to be plankton(he is my fav)because he fails all the time just like me in games).

    Chrisrox2001 Feb 27 '11, 5:37AM
  • yeaa i got Spongebob Squarepants

    Angel0135 Feb 26 '11, 11:50PM
  • Plankton...well just the other night i was watching mystery with a twistery and they were discussing the formula for krabby patties and i thought i wish I could know the formula...so yeah, i guess that fits me >:D

    sorentheowl Nov 13 '10, 9:27AM
  • i was sandy!!!!!!!!!!! shes my fav character

    chloe123456789 Oct 9 '10, 4:11AM
  • I got spongebob! lol

    Kevinshiyuwang Sep 5 '10, 3:45PM
  • yay 1337! great quiz btw

    sara63 Jul 1 '10, 5:40PM
  • 5p0ngB0b $qU4r3P4nT$!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    ruffles138 Jun 12 '10, 2:10AM
  • PATRIK?? no! im not lazy! wel... iam, but only cuz the i play 3 sports, am in choir, and in orchestra! so wen im not doin somthin important, im layin round. but stil, im get strait As and im not dumb.

    tomboy9876 May 26 '10, 10:43PM

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