Which Soul Eater Guy Would Fall For You?

Okay it is my first quiz so I might screw up. Adding to that i was in a hurry to finish it so I might have misspelled a few words. You make me feel bad, Kid will shoot you!

Okay, anyways. This will have twelve questions. Since it is my first quiz, the questions and some answers may notbe THAT good. But I can say that i tried my best to make it good. Goodluck!

Created by: DeathTheKid'sGirl

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  1. Sorry for asking but.... * hides behind Death the kid* Whats your favorite color? * Kid shoots anybody who trys to kill me*
  2. Rp time! Soul walks up to you and said " I like you, will you go out with me?" Your reacction?
  3. What is your favorite number? Kid: Please say eight! Me: Im sure somebody will.
  4. Hmm.... Do you like symmatry? Kid: Yes, yes i do. Me: I was asking the person taking the quiz. Kid: Oh....
  5. Rp time again! hmm... Black*Star comes up to you and punches you. Your reacction?
  6. You want a cookie? Or do you want a cookie shaped like an eight?
  7. Im going to let Kid ask questions while I take a break, ok?
  8. Kid: Okay. Did you move my things two cm. to the left? * me thinking: oh god....*
  9. Kid: Ok, on to the next question.... Hmm.... * Thinks symmatrically* Do you hate my dad? * Me thinking: what is he talking about?*
  10. Kid: Are you a meister o a weapon?
  11. Ok im back thanks Kid. Kid: No problem. Me: Okay, did you like the quiz even though it is my first?

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