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  • i also love death the kid...though that does not mean that you cant love him an equal amount or more.i love him and so do you but i feel that i must inform you that i really dont like it when somebody says that they are my favorite and nobody else can have them...if you dont mind me saying...i respect that we are both huge fangirls but i must say that just because you love him doesnt make him yours...because he actually belongs to Atsushi kubo character designer for soul eater....i hope i dont sound like a smart arse but if affraid that it does not ake me happy because i do not like being told'"no."

    okikku orahime
  • Your Result: You got Crona!...

    Well, you got the shy kid. He likes you but does not know how to reacct to you because he never met a girl that is so much like him. His mom, Medusa, hates you though. Sorry. :( But he would stand up to her for you since your shyer than him.


  • Death the Kid. He does seem like he would be quite awesome to hang out with, despite his OCD.

    Oh, and the second-highest result was Crona.

  • Nice quiz!

  • YAAAAY DEATH THE KID I is fan hurling right now XD plus idc if he's yours...taer fals down each cheekI could still have Soul!! XD btw if not ofviouse I am dislekzic

    death the kid 13
  • I ment to put fan GIRLING not HURLING....

    death the kid 13
  • I got Crona. Wheee...


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