Which Serial Killer Are You?

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Do you ever wonder what serial killer you are will here come find out from the famous films come find out who you really are xD.

. Come find out heheh xD...

Created by: EmmetteSmith
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  1. Do You Like Kids
  2. How Do you feel about the teenagers these days ?
  3. If you had a choice of weapons what will it be ?
  4. Do you like the woods or a house
  5. Whats the first letter of your name?
  6. If you see a girl trap in the well would you
  7. When the color of red comes to mind what do you think
  8. When you see a man in the woods would you
  9. Would you skin be
  10. A girl was attending her father's funeral. While she was there, she met the most handsome, funny, apparently rich guy she'd ever met. They talked for hours, and the girl fell madly in love with him. After the funeral, the girl realized that she had never learned the guy's name. The next day, she murdered her sister. Why did she do it?

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Quiz topic: Which Serial Killer am I?