Would you kill for it?

We've heard numerous stories about the most notorious serial killers of all time. What we fail to remember is that these people were too, once upon a time, regular citizens walking amongst you and I.

So what makes someone a potential serial killer? Start by finding out if you could be the one. If you're a little skeptical of a friend, have them take this quiz too.

Created by: B
  1. When a family member forgets to deliver a phone message to you
  2. You begin to realize that people don't take you as seriously as they used to and so you decide
  3. On one of those bad days
  4. When you're babysitting the neighbor's kids all is ok until they decide to go on your shoe. At that point you
  5. While all your friends seem to look away in disgust during gory movie scenes, you
  6. When you find yourself being chased by a sketchy car in the middle of the night you
  7. When you feel betrayed by a loved one
  8. How would you describe yourself?
  9. You see the glass as
  10. How would you describe your childhood?

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