The chosen part eight

Hi, this is part eight of My 'The Chosen' series. I apologise for the delay, I've been so busy with school work to do this. So this is part eight, again I'm sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy this quiz!

Okay, RECAP! Okay, Theresa is a psychic who is Seth's sister and you think she's Michael's ex. She is trying to kill you and will use Seth to do so. You can't go near Seth and Michael HAS threatened to kill him if he tries to kill you again!

Created by: Dayna
  1. "Who was that?" You ask Michael. "Err...It was no one ____! No one!" He puts hi phone in his pocket and walks out. Blake and Alex come in. "Blake, who was Theresa?" You ask. "Why?"
  2. "Curiosity." You reply. "She is Seth's sister. She's a powerful psychic and...Michaels ex..."
  3. Blake leaves you alone, and Alex stays with you. He leans on the table casually on the table next to you. "If you want to kill her, I'll help you..."
  4. "Really? You'd do that?" You ask Alex. He nods twice. You get up and follow Alex to a door opposite the bed. You go in. It's full of weapons and armour.
  5. "Yeah, I'll help you." He smiles at you, "Pick up a sword, although with some training you could use your powers..."
  6. "Ok, I'll get a sword first. Then I'll train my mind" You sigh. You pick up a sword - what does it look like?
  7. Whatever you choose, you pick up. Alex points to a large dummy. "Hit that ____, if you can." You swing and cut it deeply, cotton falls out of it.
  8. After a few hours you train your mind, you throw books, hacky sacks and chairs into the air with your mind. The spin and Alex runs from a chair you send flying at him.
  9. Training takes weeks and weeks until one day Alex says "______, I know where she is. I think your almost ready for it..." He leaves and you stay in the room training. Seth comes in. And he grabs a sword. He comes up to you and you scream at the top of your lungs...

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