Are you hooked on men?

Do you think about men 24/7, are you hooked on them? Are you a serial dater? Everyone has their own men style so find out by taking our quiz to see how hooked you really are!

Do you have men hooked for you or are you their bait? We all need a bit of balance in our lives so find out if you are hooked line and sinker and take our quiz NOW!

Created by: Tracey

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  1. When you meet a new man, what is the first thing in your life to go?
  2. How often do you call the man in your life?
  3. Your man calls up last minute and asks you to do something with him but you already have plans, you:
  4. How long does your dating/honeymoon period last?
  5. You tend to go for men that are:
  6. How would you describe your dating style?
  7. Before a date do you:
  8. What do you tend to wear on a date:
  9. In the bedroom you:
  10. Do you play hard to get?

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Quiz topic: Am I hooked on men?