Which Scottish Football Team Are You?

This quiz is for people who are undicided on what Scottish team to support, are mabey new to football,cant decide on Rangers or Celtic,are mabey not from Scotland and are not from Scotland.

Mabey your not supporting the team you should,just curious as to what your scottish team may be,bored and just want to pass some time,mainly for a couple of my friends to decide on a team.

Created by: Steven Hunter
  1. hate to lose
  2. Like to be different
  3. Love a team with a good successfull history that isnt Celtic or Rangers
  4. You love to support a worldwide known team and prefer to win most of the time and get trophies,dont see a piont in supporting a weak team.
  5. Love to live in the city
  6. Protestant,Catholic or none
  7. What colour(s) is your favourite?
  8. Very loyal even if your team started to lose almost every game
  9. Do you love football?
  10. Who is the best SPL manager?

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Quiz topic: Which Scottish Football Team am I?