Which Ranger are you?

"Apprentice to one, hero to all." Ranger's Apprentice is a series of books by John Flanagan about Will Treaty, a Ranger's apprentice and later a Ranger himself and his and his friends' adventures.

Have you ever wondered if you were a Ranger, which Ranger would you be? I know I have. So why don't you take this quiz to find out if you are Greybeard Halt or that redheaded prankster Crowley or maybe Will or Gilan or even Maddie the Royal Ranger.

Created by: Mandolyn Altman

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  1. Which weapons would you use?
  2. Which one of these are you more likely to quote?
  3. Which one of these quotes would you say?
  4. Which one of these would you rather be the master of?
  5. Who would you date?
  6. who is your best friend?
  7. Who would your father be?
  8. which would you prefer?
  9. Are you usually the leader of a group?
  10. Which horse is yours?
  11. what is your permission phrase?
  12. Where you ever an apprentice
  13. was your mentor's signature raising his eyebrow?
  14. did you ever have an apprentice?
  15. Do you believe sarcasm isn't the lowest form of wit, it's not wit at all?
  16. Have you ever been bucked off your horse?
  17. Which fief would you live in?
  18. Does your horse always have the last word?
  19. What country are you from?
  20. Do you have an accent?

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Quiz topic: Which Ranger am I?