Which Ranger's Apprentice character do you resemble?

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I love the Ranger's Apprentice books and have quite a good understanding of the characters. I have tried to make it as real as possible. Please answer the questions as truthfully as you can!

A message from Halt and Will to begin your journey :) Halt: "Farmers don't nap, Knights nap." Will: "That's where we get the expression "a good knight's sleep"

Created by: Britt
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When it comes to thinking and planning you...
  2. Are you funny?
  3. When it comes to love you...
  4. What would be your choice of weapon/s?
  5. Do people look up to you?
  6. Which of the following best describes you?
  7. What subject are/were you best at in school?
  8. In the Ranger's Apprentice books you would most like to be a...
  9. How would you get the truth out of someone who didn't want to talk.
  10. Appearance?
  11. Who do you look up to in the books?
  12. Can you play an instrument

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Quiz topic: Which Ranger's Apprentice character do I resemble?