How Well do you know Halt from Ranger's Apprentice?

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If you've read any of John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice, you must know our sarcastic, coffee loving, grim Ranger friend Halt. The question IS, how much to you know about him? *Spoiler Alert for books 1-12*

Well, thanks to the AWESOME quiz, you can test your Halt knowledge, and see if my best pal Halt could even be in your presence. . . (I'm his honorary apprentice)

Created by: Bluejay

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  1. What is Halt's coffee like?
  2. When did Halt first meet Will?
  3. Where is Halt from?
  4. Which is the Halt quote?
  5. Who goes with Halt to find Will in book 3-4?
  6. Who does Halt marry?
  7. What's Halt's horse's name?
  8. Who is Halt's life long friend
  9. What does Halt pretend to dislike most about Will?
  10. How is Will related to Halt
  11. Which Feif is Halt assigned to?
  12. How many siblings does Halt have?
  13. What weapons does Halt use?
  14. In the 9th book, Halt's Peril, what peril is Halt in?
  15. What happens when Halt goes on a boat? book 10=extra points
  16. Pick the Halt quote
  17. Pick the Halt quote #2
  18. Extra: On a scale of 1-10, how much of a Halt fan are you? (answer honestly)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Halt from Ranger's Apprentice?