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  • Your Result: Doe Patronus

    If you were a witch, you would produce a doe Patronus. This silvery creature represents love and gentleness. You are also beautiful, but you aren't a show off at all.


    The Showbiz
  • Doe Patronus, im a little embarrassed to say, I have no clue what that means, I just thought it looked cool, Good job on your quiz though, idk, but it seemed very well done!!!

  • @Awesomeicle Haha xD Soo true, but I loved the quiz and the result, yeah I also got Doe. Also, it's Lily Potter, not Lilly Potter, just so you guys know :]

    Loony Luna
  • Doe patronas!! Yaay SPOILER ALERT!!! In the last movie/book the doe patronus is not only for girls thats snapes patronus tooooo as is lilly potters.

  • Thank you guys! I worked on this quiz for 40 minutes, thank you a lot for your nice feedback!

    The Showbiz
  • Whoo! Cool a Pheonix! Great quiz!!!


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