Which one of your crushes will you marry? (Girls only)

Do you have trouble deciding which one of your crushes you'd like to be with? Do you feel like you're stuck between three of them? Why are you still worrying? Take the quiz and it'll answer!

I'm sure you'll get a great score, and you'll go talk to him:) After all, he is the one! Let your mind be cleared from the problems of your love life with this quiz! I'm sure you'll be relaxing with your new boyfriend soon!!!

Created by: whitewolf23456

  1. It's a warm fall morning. You get to go back to school-NO! The only thing good is that you get to talk to your crush... Who did you think of this feeling as?
  2. He's the dude who gives you necklaces for Christmas. He's the dude who offers his jacket to you in a cold winter's evening... Who is the most romantic out of your crushes?
  3. Who talks about you like you're so hot in front of all his friends-but you're really not?
  4. Would any of your crushes sing a love song for you at a talent show?
  5. How does any of your crushes act towards your family?
  6. Do you catch any of your crushes looking at you?
  7. It's a sad, rainy day. Your father has just been taken to the hospital because he's very sick. You're sitting in the room being sad. But, your boyfrend comes into the room with flowers. He gives you the flowers and offers to sit with you until your dad is well. Who did you imagine this with?
  8. Do you talk to any of your crushes?
  9. If you fell, which one of your crushes would rush over to you first and ask if you were okay?
  10. When he talks to you, do you feel...

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Quiz topic: Which one of my crushes will I marry? (Girls only)