Can You Get the Guy/Girl You like?

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Lots of people have no idea if their crushes like them but that would be what this lovely quiz would be for.! If you answer honestly your crushes longing for you will be revieled

Do you think you know everything? Well i bet you dont but you'll know more by taking this quiz... I can tell you that much. xD Until this day you could do nothing but guess.

Created by: LaLaVoiceGirl
  1. Does he/she ever drop what they are doing to talk to you?
  2. When you get your hair done different or cut does your crush notice?
  3. How long have you known your crush?
  4. how many times a day do you see your crush?
  5. Be honest... Do you catch him/her looking at you often?
  6. Not counted twards your score... Do you like this test?
  7. Does he/she stumble over words or ramble on around you?
  8. What is your honest opinion?:
  9. He is..and i am...
  10. Has any of his friends asked you about him?
  11. So...... how hot do you think this guy/girl is?

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Quiz topic: Can I Get the Guy/Girl You like?