What hair type and porosity do you have?

If you have no idea what kind of hair you have, then take this quiz. It is short and easy and will help you find out what kind of hair you actually have.

This quiz is only 5 minutes and it is fun to take. This quiz is very accurate and is based off of facts, not opinion. If you get the wrong results, try retaking the quiz and answering the questions honestly.

Created by: Olivia
  1. What would you consider your hair?
  2. If you get a brush or fine tooth comb and start brushing your hair, will the brush fall out or stay in your hair?
  3. How long can you go without washing your hair and it getting greasy?
  4. If you put oil in your hair, will it get greasy?
  5. What is your ethnicity?
  6. If you grab one piece of your hair and you put it in a glass of water, what will it do?
  7. If you grab a piece of hair and pull down and then release, what will it do?
  8. What products do u put in your hair?
  9. Do you look at the ingredients on your shampoos and conditioners?
  10. Have you ever got a bad hair day?

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Quiz topic: What hair type and porosity do I have?