What Element Attracts You the Most in a Guy?

You probably heard of the four elements in the zodiac:Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Did you know that each one is associated with their own personality traits?

You look for certain qualities in your crushes, dates, etc. What element attracts you the most in your date/crushes? Until now you could only wonder. But now, you can find out, thanks to this totally cool quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: Clarice
  1. He firsts attracts you with his.
  2. You want his personality to be.
  3. You know that he is Mr. Right because.
  4. When you have a problem, he should?
  5. You feel he is definitely marriage material because.
  6. In love
  7. What traits are you willing to put up with?
  8. Pick a guy:
  9. What is your pet peeve/your ideal guy's pet peeve?
  10. Pick one:

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