Which of these characters are you?

in each kingdom, there is a different race. and different people. which one are you? if you take this quiz, youll find out. I will try it soon, but in the meantime, you try it!

i love this story. i made it up. its about love, hope, and courage. a boy Named Jason tries to stop a curse with his friends, but these tests put their friendship to the test.

Created by: isabella102

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which would you rather do?
  2. You see someone getting bullied, you...
  3. Do you have a crush?
  4. A meeting in the town square is called, and you are about to be late. you...
  5. A baby bunny is hurt!
  6. You would rather live...
  7. You wanna be a...
  8. Love?
  9. Fame?
  10. almost done!

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Quiz topic: Which of these characters am I?