How Well Do You Know the Characters From Red Vs. Blue?

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The characters from Red Vs. Blue are very funny, but can be confusing to get to know, but it can be done! Here is a relatively easy quiz about the characters from the popular YouTube series, Red Vs. Blue.

How well do you think you know the reds, blues, freelancers, and other side characters? Well, here's where you can find out how much you really know! Good luck!

Created by: Spencer Lee Hemminger
  1. BLUE: Which one has a sword?
  2. RED: Which one loves eating?
  3. RED: Which one thought they were buying a flag from Caboose?
  4. BLUE: Which one killed Church with a tank?
  5. RED: Which one is a robot?
  6. OTHER: Whose side is Doc on?
  7. OTHER: What is Doc's actual name?
  8. OTHER: What is the name Caboose gave to the alien?
  9. BLUE: How did Captain Butch Flowers die?
  10. BLUE: Which agent became a blue in secret before the series started?
  11. RED: Who can multiply big numbers in their head without thinking about it?
  12. OTHER: What is the tank's name?
  13. RED: When they returned to Blood Gulch. which one stood on the cliff, shouting "NOOOOOOO!!!"?
  14. BLUE: What happened when Church gave Tucker the sniper rifle?
  15. OTHER: Which had Omega/O'Malley the longest?
  16. OTHER: What is the name of the bomb?
  17. BLUE: Which one had a child?
  18. BLUE: Which one is colorblind?
  19. BLUE: What is Sister's actual name?
  20. RED: Which of them is Sister's brother?
  21. RED: Which hates Grif the most?
  22. RED: Which one is gay?
  23. RED: What was Sarge promoted to at then end of volume 12?
  24. OTHER: Which freelancer could turn invisible?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Characters From Red Vs. Blue?