Which of the ABVH boys do you belong with?

This quiz was sparked by a discussion on a quiz thread with HKK (Thanks HKK!). It's my first attempt, so let's see how it goes. The first 2 questions are mandatory (sorry) but they do not factor into your results ....

Which of member of the Anita Blake harem would suit you best? Do you know for sure? Take this quiz and find out. (There are only six possible results, so sorry, not all of them are listed here, and I picked so I could get a range.)

Created by: Gwenefhar of Pomme de Sang Anita Blake Fanfiction Archive
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When something goes horribly wrong in your life, you want your man to:
  2. For a sexual partner, you want:
  3. When your man says or does something you disagree with, you want him to:
  4. When it comes to decisions on how things should be done, you want your man to:
  5. Your favorite eye color is:
  6. Your favorite physical aspect of a man is:
  7. The most important thing for your man to be is:
  8. Your IDEAL night with your man would HAVE to include:
  9. Your man's sense of style should be:
  10. Your man's skin should smell:

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Quiz topic: Which of the ABVH boys do I belong with?