Is This What Boys Do To You?

There are so many dumb boys thats why you needed to take this quiz so you can see whats some local regular boys have done to girls fregile hearts it is so sad and mean!

do you think boys are hott sexy and nice and all that then you need this quiz cuz after that you won't be thinking the same i hope so make sure you take theis quiz and remember boys aren't everything

Created by: lizzie of this site
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  1. Did A Boy Ever Ignore You?
  2. When you had a best friend that was a boy did when they got a gf totally forget about you?
  3. do you agree that boys are mean and jerks
  4. Do you thinks most boys are like that because they are jocks?
  5. would you rather date a jock or kiss a nerd
  6. Do you think that boys should care about girls alot or alittle
  7. have you ever had a boyfriend that gave you no attention
  8. Do you think girls should spend time on more stuff then just boys?
  9. do you like pie lol?!!?
  10. finally what would you do for a boy

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