Is He Interested in You? (would He Ask You Out?)

Boys boys boys. Who really understands them? And I know I speak for myself when I say that I'd really love to know when a guy is diggin' me. Feel the same way? You came to the right place.

I made this quiz to help out all the girls out there who stress over the complexity of teenage boys. So go ahead, relax, take this short little quiz. It can't hurt-and maybe you'll find that your crush is into you, too!

Created by: hannah
  1. Does he ever call you?
  2. Does he give you a lot of hugs?
  3. Does he talk to you a lot when he is around you?
  4. Has he ever wanted you to sit with him (like at the movies, church events, etc.)
  5. Has he ever invited you to go somewhere with him? (the mall, the movies, a party, etc.)
  6. Have you ever caught him looking at you?
  7. Has he ever asked you any personal questions?(What do you like in a boy, how many bf's have you had, etc.)
  8. Has he ever asked you for your myspace/number/etc?
  9. Does he flirt with just you, or other girls as well?
  10. Does he make fun of you at all?
  11. Does he ever compliment you?

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