Flight Prep Study Test Part 1

This is a personal study test made to help me study. You can take it if you are interested in flying, and if you do well, I recommend you try getting your private pilot's license.

Private piloting is a rewarding activity, but first you must prepare for the flight test. Do you think you are ready and can pass this practice test? Have fun taking it and good luck!!

Created by: sfrankie08
  1. The term "angle of attack" is defined as the angle..
  2. During a spin to the left, which wing(s) is/are stalled?
  3. What must a pilot be aware of as a result of ground effect?
  4. Which instrument(s) will become inoperative if the static vents become clogged?
  5. What is true altitude?
  6. What is density altitude?
  7. If a pilot changes the altimeter setting from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?
  8. If a flight is made from an area of high pressure into an area of lower pressure without the altimeter setting being adjusted, the altimeter will indicate
  9. How is engine operation controlled on an engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller?
  10. Which condition is most favorable to the development of carburetor icing?
  11. Generally speaking, the use of carburetor heat tends to
  12. What should be the first action after starting an aircraft engine?
  13. When approaching to land on a runway served by a visual approach slope indicator (VASI), the pilot shall
  14. Wingtip vortices are created only when an aircraft is
  15. The greatest vortex strength occurs when the generating aircraft is
  16. If instructed by ground control to taxi to Runway 9, the pilot may proceed
  17. Airspace at an airport with a part-time control tower is classified as Class D airspace only
  18. Under what condition may an aircraft operate from a satellite airport within Class C airspace?
  19. When making routine transponder code changes, pilots should avoid inadvertent selection of which codes?
  20. With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a category of aircraft?
  21. Which V-speed represents maximum flap extended speed?
  22. How long does the Airworthiness Certificate of an aircraft remain valid?
  23. What is the definition of a high-performance airplane?
  24. The pilot in command is required to hold a type rating in which aircraft?
  25. Which preflight action is specifically required of the pilot prior to each flight?
  26. Which best describes the flight conditions under which flight crew members are specifically required to keep their safety belts and shoulder harnesses fastened?
  27. A seaplane and a motorboat are on crossing courses. If the motorboat is to the left of the seaplane, which has the right-of-way?
  28. During operations outside controlled airspace at altitudes of more than 1,200 feet AGL, but less than 10,000 feet MSL, the minimum flight visibility for VFR flight at night is
  29. According to regulations pertaining to privileges and limitations, a private pilot may

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