JMC30 Test number 2 (Broadcast Media Practice Test)

This is part two of that dreadful J30 test. Study up and hopefully you will ace it! I hope you enjoy taking this awesome test, it's all for you. And thank a poor college student who took the time to make this for your study benefits (and hers).

Ready for that pesky J30 test yet? Take this test and find out if the final is going to kick your butt. Hopefully you actually learned this stuff. This one is considerably shorter than the other one, so take a few minutes and test your knowledge!

Created by: Riane
  1. Heninrich Hertz:
  2. Lee de Forest:
  3. David Sarnoff:
  4. During World War I
  5. Blanketing licensing meant that:
  6. For several years, ______ operated two radio networks
  7. Edwin H. Armstrong:
  8. Payola:
  9. The percentage of people listening to radio that a station is reaching is called the:
  10. About 50% of all television stations in the US are:
  11. According to TV commentator Jeff Greenfield, commercial television primarily exists:
  12. Philo T. Farnsworth
  13. The two men who developed network TV and held the country's largest interest in radio were:
  14. The quiz show scandals of the 1950s:
  15. A rating is:
  16. In the last 25 years, the commercial broadcast networks' (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) share of the prime-time audience:
  17. HDTV:
  18. Which of the following s NOT part of television's role in American politics?
  19. During the Civil War:
  20. Which of the following was NOT true of newsreels in movie theaters?

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