The big gamer test

Okay games are cool but when a certain number that number is 2 takes over a game quiz things get ugly. 2 thats... YA!(Please stand by) Sorry about that but anyway when you be cool about it you will rank high real high.

So be real cool when i ask you the dumbest questions in the world. Just be careful that 2 guy could pop in anytime and we will fight. So take this test like you would take another gaming test. 2 thats me! GO AWAY! No not you 2.

Created by: Jacob
  1. what is this test?
  2. what do you think of this test so far?
  3. this is a real question
  4. fine wait 1 more question
  5. okay who is mario
  6. Does link where red or green
  7. Is luigi mario's brother?
  8. In twilight princess zelda who is your final boss?
  9. 2 thats me!
  10. yahh! Yahh! (Please Stand By)
  11. There now in pokemon who is the champion?
  12. In GTA Vice city stories do you kill marty?
  13. Is sonic the hedgehog fast!
  14. 1 more do you hate 2?

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