Are you a newb?

This is a wonderful quiz to try and tell you what level of a gamer you are. And maybe even the type of gamer you want to be. But this test isnt 100%. so dont take it too harsh.

After you get done takeing this quiz i hope you'll stop by my website displayed at the bottom of the screen after you finish the quiz. It has some tips so if you want to up your game a bit, i help to make it easier.

Created by: codi

  1. What do you think of yourself as?
  2. Have you let anyone play on your best acount?
  3. You have to kill a mob of people alone in a first person shooter. How do you do it.
  4. How many secrets do you know about the game you play?
  5. Does the game you play have any hacks?
  6. How long have you played the current game your playing?
  7. How many times a week do you play?
  8. Do you have alot of online freinds to play with?
  9. Do you participate with events the game hosts set up?
  10. Are you succesful in your gameplay. Examples: Lots of money, Strong, High level, Etc..
  11. Has your acount ever been hacked or scammed?
  12. Do you have multiple acounts in the game that you play?
  13. Do you play for fun or to compete in something.
  14. Do you buy things with real cash to make the game easier?
  15. Why is the sky blue?
  16. Do you trick people in the game or are you truthful about what you say and do?
  17. Do you know what HTML and CSS is?
  18. Are you the person to help or be helped.

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Quiz topic: Am I a newb?