Which of my soap characters are you?

Welcome friends! My name is Artemida(AKA bunniesrule), and this is a quiz(No way!!!!)! I go to GTQ a lot, mainly the forums(They're awesome, check them out). There, I participate in soap operas, where you create a character and control it, in a story.

In order to make this quiz, I chose my favourite characters out of those soap operas, and put them into a quiz. The soap operas are very different, so choose wisely! Good luck! ~ bunniesrule

Created by: bunniesrule

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a subject.
  2. Would you want your character to be single, or in a relationship?
  3. Do you want you character to be in cold or warm weather?
  4. Would you like the soap opera you character is in to be realistic fiction, something that actually happens in real life, or fantasy?
  5. Would you like your soap opera characters to change ages through the soap?
  6. How old would you like your character to be?
  7. Would you like the set of your soap opera to start out with a huge event or calm and peaceful?
  8. I'm stumped, lol. Hmm...which of these names do you like better?
  9. Would you like your character to start in a normal city or a different, not unusual place?
  10. Will you rate/comment?

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Quiz topic: Which of my soap characters am I?