Which of my friends are you? (Me not included)

This is just a quiz I made up to tell you which of my friends you are most like. I put two boys and two girls on the quiz to make it fair. There would of been to many result if I put all my friends so I done it randomly.

If you thinking how did I make it fair by putting two girls and two boys, I separated the boys and girls before I picked, ok? Good. Now you can take the quiz! This is just to get one hundred and fifty. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Created by: luver888
  1. Strait to the quiz! What - out of these - is your biggest flaw?
  2. What do you think is best about yourself?
  3. Who do you make friends with easiest?
  4. Would you consider yourself more of a boy than a girl?
  5. I'm running out of questions already! What sounds more fun?
  6. Thats all the questions I need to ask so you will just have to put up with a few pointless questions ok?
  7. So, you planning on commenting or rating?
  8. Are you nervous about what you will get?
  9. It's nearly time! Just one more question after this! I would be so scared if I were you!
  10. So, are you ready to face the truth?

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Quiz topic: Which of my friends am I? (Me not included)