How well do you know "Anime"?

Hi! This will determine how much you know about anime, whether the anime is latest or not, this is included in this quiz. Please feel free to comment or rate the quiz. Let me know if you want a part two or not.

Rules: 1. Play fair. No googling or any searching materials 2. Can be multiplayer. You answer with your friends 3. Don't be angry if you don't know it, this is just a fun quiz 4. Enjoy the quiz and Good Luck!

Created by: VGDanah16

  1. I hold a notebook that can kill anyone once their name are written on it.
  2. Which of this characters is in the anime that uses the word "quinque"?
  3. A character in Magic Knight Rayearth that uses the "mashin" Rayearth and uses the element fire.
  4. Which anime has a character named "Eren Jaeger"?
  5. Hyuuga Natsume, Sakura Mikan, Imai Hotaru is from what anime?
  6. "The only ones who should kill are those prepared to be killed." is a quote of a certain character from?
  7. The song "Unravel" is from what anime?
  8. A character that knows everything about from the anime "Durarara!!", what is this character name?
  9. He is the brother of the Pureblood Princess Yuki and the one who awakened her.
  10. It cost him an arm and a leg. His brother sacrificed his whole body. The title of this anime is?
  11. An anime that has Bell Cranel as a main character.
  12. This anime is about a boy that is a descendant of a ninja clan that uses fire as their magic.
  13. To capture and seal Clow Cards is her duty, later on she became master of the card she collected after the Last Judgement gave by Yui, The Judge.
  14. Born with powerful powers, he's goal is to become a High Priest but he is destined to become a Demon King. He is?
  15. Which of these is not a Pokemon?
  16. He is a simple minded boy who wants to follow he's dad steps and find him across the world. He takes the exam and meets Killua, Kurapika, Leorio.
  17. A half-demon, who is the Son of Satan and wants to be an exorcist. He is the older brother of his twin Yukio.
  18. This is about a group of active knights who carry a heavy sin individually.
  19. A VRMMORPG game with a NerveGear Helmet. Kirito and other are trapped inside of this deadly game.
  20. This is about a boy named Tatsumi, who joins the Night Raid to save the rotting empire and the capital.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Anime"?