Are You a Good BF/GF??

Hello! I am Mobo, and my friends also helped me make this quiz. Now, I have a question: are you a good BF/GF? Well, actually, I don't care, but I made the quiz for YOU to find out! If you want to see how good of a BF/GF you are, by all means take this quiz, but be as honest as possible.

How would you deal with a relationship that included geeks, seizures, stalkers, ex-BF/GFs, forgotten anniversaries, and finding out if you really do love the person. Are you ready to find out???

Created by: Mobo

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  1. Okay. So. You REALLY like a person who only looks at you at a friend, and have worked up the courage to ask them out, when the school geek asks YOU out!! WHAT DO YOU SAY??
  2. So you find yourself on your first date with the person that you really liked (the school geek decided to go out with the school nerd) Lucky you... but not when they suddenly spit out their fried chicken and start having a seizure!!
  3. So your BF/GF made it okay, but is in the hospital. You've got an important school assignment due tomorrow, but your BF/GF is feeling really ill. Do you visit them?
  4. FOR BOYS ONLY: It's your 1-week anniversary and your GF buys you what you've been wanting for a month. Unfortunately- you've completely forgotten it! What do you say?
  5. FOR GIRLS ONLY: It's your 1-week anniversary and you've bought your BF an AMAZING and very expensive gift. Unfortunately, your BF TOTALLY forgot about it! What do you say?
  6. You are having a lovely stroll by the lake with your BF/GF. Suddenly a strange person walks up and starts following you. A stalker, OMG!! Then they comes up, slaps your BF/GF, and shoves them into the lake, and then kisses you. What do you do??
  7. You and your BF/GF are at the movies and your ex-BF/GF sees you sitting with your BF/GF. He/she gets jealous and takes your drink and dumps it on your BF/GF head. What do you do?
  8. Your BF/GF has not been on their best behavior lately. They forget dates, ignore you in the halls, and don't even get anything for your birthday! You are...?
  9. Are you even in a relationship right now??
  10. Have any of these things ever actually happened to you??

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good BF/GF??