Which of My Favorite Youtubers are You?

This is a quiz to see which one of my favorite youtubers you are. Are you Denis, Alex, Corl, Sub, Sketch, or Bandi? Well take this quiz and find out. I recommend you watch these people they are all awesome youtubers

Make sure to follow them on twitter @DenisDailyYT @Crafted @CorlHorlExperience @SubZeroExtabyte @Sk3tchYT@Bandirue And Check out my twitter@1Ruester1.

Created by: Deziree
  1. Which of these animals would you want as a pet?
  2. What month where you born in?
  3. Who would you want to meet out of all of these?
  4. Roblox or Minecraft?
  5. Favorite Ship out of all of these
  6. Nickname?
  7. Subscriber goal
  8. Who is not in the Pals?( AS OF 2018)
  9. If you had to watch any of these people for a day who would you watch?
  10. Did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which of My Favorite Youtubers am I?