which pal are you!

this quiz will tell you wether you are... ALEX DENIS SUB CORL OR SKETCH. you will have lots of fun. share this with your friends and see who they are most like.

hopefully you are ready to take on the test and determine your pal bestie. each question will lead to results to which pal member you are most like. ENJOY!


  1. how old are you?
  2. do u wear glasses!
  3. what is your fave colour!
  4. what is your fave pet.
  5. do u wear glasses?
  6. do you want to die your hair when your older? what colour?
  7. who is your favourite pal?
  8. what nationality are you?
  9. do you want to be on youtube?
  10. last question. what do you like more.

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Quiz topic: Which pal am I!