What iconic Transformer are you?

Ever wonder which of the most popular and iconic G1 Transformers that you might be? Well... worry no more because the quiz to find that out... is here!!!

Autobot or Decepticon? These key questions will decide which hero or villain that best suits your results. You may be surprised, but feel free to take it again and share with friends!

Created by: sonofthunder73
  1. Freedom is a right.
  2. Conquest is necessary, if one's species is in danger.
  3. Protection of natural resources, and finding alternatives is most important.
  4. If I am the most powerful, then others should be made to serve me.
  5. A good army is important, because:
  6. True or false.... "the best offence is a good defense."
  7. Enough serious questions. So... what is the biggest problem on Cybertron? (That's the Transformers home planet for those that don't know)
  8. As a robotic organism, what sustains you each day?
  9. What bothers you most about humans, or other similar races that you've encountered?
  10. Who is really more powerful, Optimus Prime or Megatron?
  11. If Unicron, the living Transformer planet, attacked Earth... what should humans do?
  12. Do you prefer Cybertron or Earth?
  13. Share with us a secret of any well-known Transformer, that you're aware of:
  14. What large human war impresses you the most?
  15. Just six more questions to go! What was your favorite human movie?
  16. Have you ever tried human food?
  17. What is nicer, a sunset or a super nova?
  18. What do you dislike most about humans?
  19. Who is the greatest human that ever lived?
  20. (Finally) Last question! What future do you see, between Transformers and humans?

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