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  • Your Result: Optimus Prime - Autobot leader. 90% !!!

    As the leader of the Autobots, you believe that freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

    Strengths: Physical strength, toughness, offensive weapons

    Weaknesses: Morality gets in the way of tough decisions at times, a little slow, can't fly.

    You're a well-respected leader, but your enemies (and even a few allies) see you as a bit soft.

    85% Bumblebee - Autobot scout
    84% Jazz - Autobot first lieutenant
    62% Ironhide - Autobot security officer
    59% Grimlock - Dinobot leader

    31% Shockwave - Decepticon operations commander

    19% Starscream - Decepticon air commander

    14% Soundwave - Decepticon communications officer

    5% Megatron - Decepticon leader.
    I love Optimus Prime & BumbleBee.

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