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Do you love toys?! Of course you do! Whether you currently enjoy them or are nostalgic about the toys of your past, this is a category you will enjoy. Quizzes found here may include toy trivia and history, names, and issues around collecting. Anything from cars and trucks, Beanie Babies, dolls, action figures, Happy Meal toys... it's all fair game!


  • DollsA category about dolls and those who collect them.

Our Toys Quizzes

  • What iconic Transformer are you?
    [by: sonofthunder73, rated: rated: 4.5/5, published: Jul 10, 2018]

    Ever wonder which of the most popular and iconic G1 Transformers that you might be? Well... worry no more because the quiz to find that out... is here!!!

Dolls Quizzes

  • Which Ever After High Royal are You?
    [by: Cupid Lockes, rated: rated: 4.2/5, published: Dec 15, 2014]

    You've decided you're a Royal, but which one? This quiz has the answer.

  • Which Monster High Girl Are You?
    [by: Charlie Adams, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: May 2, 2018]

    Which monster high girl are you? Are you sweet like Draculaura? Friendly like Frankie? Tenacious like Clawdeen? Chill like Lagoona? Or maybe youre a princess…

  • Are you a true Monster High fan?
    [by: Wydowna, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Oct 28, 2015]

    This is a Monster High fan quiz, simple for a pure true fan, but hard for a new collector. Whatever stage your collection is at I hope you have fun with the…

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