How Well Do You Know BandiRue?

Hey, Bandi Fans! If you know Bandi, awesome! Take this quiz to find out if you are a true Ruester. If you have never heard of this Bandi guy, get the heck out of here. So, my friends, enjoy my quiz!

This quiz might be a little bit hard, but I'm sure you can make it. Just a heads up, it's almost impossible to get 100% because of the last question. But still, give it a crack!

Created by: MelodyPiper1406
  1. Who are Bandi's brothers?
  2. What collage did Bandi go to?
  3. How old is Amie? (As of 2017)
  4. What are Bandi's 2 favourite movies?
  5. Who did Bandi play the "Help Sketch & Bandi Escape!" game with?
  6. Why isn't Bandi a part of The Pals?
  7. What is Bandi's favourite food?
  8. Where does Bandi live?
  9. What was Bandi's old username for everything?
  10. In what video of Sketch's did Bandi first make an appearance?
  11. Did Ethan get noticed in public before Sketch? (Excluding PAX)
  12. 530 divided by 100?
  13. What temperature (Celsius)is my heater on right now even though it's off?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know BandiRue?