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There are many smart people in the world but for this quiz all the knowledge you need is youtuber knowledge, if you think you know all the youtubers inside out then this is the quiz for you

Do you think YOU are capable of this quiz? If you think this quiz will be easy why don't you find out? But there is one thing you should know? For this quiz you don't have to be a nerd you have to know your youtubers! Think your capable? Let's find out!

Created by: Kaya
  1. Who sings the song "I'm a rapper"
  2. Which set of youtubers was in the show "the crew" by style haul
  3. Which couple own "Nala" (the black pug)
  4. Which youtuber is gay
  5. Which youtuber is known as "sprinkle of glitter"
  6. Which couple is engaged
  7. Which of these youtubers is African
  8. Which of the following youtubers is zoella's brother
  9. What is Tanya and Jims pup called
  10. Finally, which youtuber is Alfie's sister

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