Hard-ish Youtuber Quiz

There are so many Youtubers out there, in so many fields. Now, I have been in the Youtuber fandom for a while now, and I've basically aced lots of the other quizzes I've encountered. So, I decided to try making one. :3

But, how do you know your Youtubers? Are you with the Vloggers, Musicians, or Comedians? Just feel free to take the quiz and find out how you do! Good luck!

Created by: Kazaibatsu
  1. Who holds the current record for the number of consecutive days being the most subscribed Youtuber?
  2. Youngest member of the 'Holy Trinity'?
  3. Who founded the 'Draw my Life' tag?
  4. What breed of cat does Ingrid Nilsen (aka MissGlamorazzi) own?
  5. The JacksGap twins (Jack and Finn) are often told in the comment section that they look like characters from what anime series?
  6. In a majority of Dan Howell's videos, a jingle is played where appropriate. What Nintendo franchise is this sound from?
  7. Who, out of the following Youtubers, has not appeared on a Reality TV show?
  8. True or False question: Pewdiepie, as of November 2014, has more subscribers than the populations of Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands combined.
  9. What is the female Youtuber, Brizzy, famous for?
  10. Who's first ever tweet was this?: "I thought I was too legit to twit. Damn son. It's on!"
  11. Connor Franta was formerly a prominent player in which sport?
  12. Out of these Youtubers, who is the oldest? Hint: All of them were born in the same year.
  13. What year did gamer Markiplier join Youtube?
  14. What is Jon Cozart's most viewed video? (As of November 2014)
  15. Which Youtube Duo host a daily show named 'Good Mythical Morning'?
  16. Which Epic Rap Battle of History did Jesse and Jeana from PrankvsPrank appear in?
  17. How many Youtube channels have more than 10 million subscribers? (Again, as of November 2014)
  18. Who created the 'Tin Can Challenge'? Hint: he also co-founded the Chicken Mcnugget Challenge!
  19. What type of videos did Louis Cole (aka FunForLouis) do before his daily vlogs?
  20. Final Question! :D Which female Youtuber is known for hosting a baking show named 'Nerdy Nummies'?

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