Which NHL player are you

There are many innacurate hockey quizes on the web, but this aims to change that, its probably the most accurate quiz on the web, so wat are you waiting for, try it

Are you ready to find out who you are, ovechkin,crosby, toews or sumone else this gets the best at their posistion and tells you your result, what are you waitng for? try it

Created by: momo
  1. Whats your style of play?
  2. Which of these action resembles you the most
  3. Your teams playoff succes this year
  4. Whats your best style of defending
  5. Whats your fav positstion
  6. Do you have a temper
  7. How succesful is your team(regular season)
  8. How important are you to your team
  9. You are..
  10. Which of the these stats match you most

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Quiz topic: Which NHL player am I