Are you a fan of Toews,Luongo or Iginla ?

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There are many teams in the NHL, and way more players, but I have given you 3 of the best(But not Crosby, SORRY) to choose from, hope you find a new favourite player!!!

Toews, Iginla or Luongo???? Which one to pick, find out a little more about each in the answers, and maybe when you leave you may have a new favourite player!!!

Created by: fred4ever
  1. Ok, we all know that Toews is the best hockey plyer ever!! (even better then Crosby, i know, i know), but are you really his biggest fan? Find out what player fits you best!!!
  2. Which one of these do you like the best?
  3. What names sounds the coolest??
  4. Take your pick, what looks the coolest on a shirt???
  5. Pick one -
  6. So are you starting to see that Towes is the best?
  7. What is Taginlagoews? ----> What do you think it is?
  8. Let's say this - One day you come home from school and you hear your mom yell out from the kitchen " Honey, I just won some hockey tickets from work" "SWEET" you yell. "Who's playing who?" "Well come and see...." You walk into the kitchen and see the tickets. It's your favourite team! The ___________s playing the Edmonton Oilers. Fill in the blank with one of the following ---
  9. Last Question - Pick a random name.(At my school these are the people that like the teams) it's a 50/50 chance!! Good luck!!
  10. Rate & Comment who you got!! I would really like to know!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Toews,Luongo or Iginla ?