The Black and Gold Quiz

There are 32 teams in the NFL. 32 competitive teams fight each sunday for glory and respect.Each with there own fans. Some of these teams are bad, some good, a few great. However there is only one truely prolific team..The Pittsburgh Steelers!

So you... you think you're a true fan of the Black and Gold? You think your die hard? You know your stuff huh? Well you know what/ I think your bulls---'in. Take this Steelers quiz and prove me wrong!

Created by: Josh
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  1. Who has the highest single season rushing total in steelers history?
  2. Ben Roethlisberger wears #7 because he idolized who growing up?
  3. Who are 1&2 all time in receptions in steelers history?
  4. Who is the youngest steeler to rush for 1,000 yards?
  5. How many head coaches have the steelers had in the last 35 years?
  6. What family has owned the steelers since 1933?
  7. How many super bowls have the steelers played in?
  8. How many years did it take Bill Cowher to win his first Super Bowl?
  9. What feared linebacker for the steelers was forced to retire early because of turf toe?
  10. Bill Cowher came was a linebackers coach for what team before being selected to succeed Chuck Noll?
  11. True or False: Bill Cowher had the best win percentage among active coahes when he resigned?

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