Which NFL quarterback are youÃ

This quiz is just simply what quarterback you would be like if you ever played in the National Football League. the capital city of i just want to use up one hundred and fifty characters so just bare with me for these last characters

Who knows... what will you get. take this quiz now. Like i said in the first paragraph thing ding dong do please bare with me this is an awesome quiz i just have to use the one hundred and fifty characters..

Created by: David Hoitink
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite thing to do as a quarterback
  2. it is the fourth quarter of the superbowl with two minutes left what do you do
  3. what is your best attribute as a quarterback
  4. what are your two favorite colors
  5. What is your favorite number out of these
  6. do you get intercepted a lot
  7. Ching Ching
  8. what is your favorite team out of these
  9. blah blah
  10. what is your favorite old quarterback

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Quiz topic: Which NFL quarterback am IÃ