What quarterback are you ?

There are many average joe quarterbacks, but just a few great ones. What is a great quarterback? A great quarterback is a quarterback that is smart, a leader verbally and by example, terrific passer, good runner, and is very smart.

Are you a micheal vick or maybe a peyton manning or even a vince young. Do you have what it takes to win the super bowl, national championship, or even the state championship. To find out take the quiz.

Created by: kd

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  1. What kind of a quarterback are you?
  2. How would you like to score?
  3. How many yards will you throw for this season?
  4. How many yards will you run for this season?
  5. Who do you like to throw the ball to?
  6. What number are you?
  7. How many Touchdowns will you throw for this season?
  8. How many Touchdowns will you run for this season?
  9. What kind of cleats do you wear?
  10. What hand do you throw with?

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Quiz topic: What quarterback am I ?