What NFL Defensive Player are you?

There are many Defensive Players in the NFL, but which one best fits your style of defensive football? There are 7 different players ranging from defensive ends to safetys. Which one will you be?

Are you Champ Bailey? Do you strike fear in the hearts of millions? Do you do a dance after you sack the quarterback? Are you insanely FAT? Answer these 12 questions and find out.

Created by: josh
  1. Do you tend to rush up the middle?
  2. Do you sack the quarterback more than bagboys sack groceries?
  3. Do you end up catching more passes than the other teams offense?
  4. Are you fat...like HUGE fat?
  5. Do you love cheeseburgers and other fatty foods?
  6. Do you have a club on your right arm?
  7. Do you do a dance after you crush the offense?
  8. Are you tall, have big ears, and big teeth?
  9. When you intercept the ball do you outrun the other people, or hit them head on....and then run
  10. Do you play alongside a sucky QB?

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Quiz topic: What NFL Defensive Player am I?