Which Next Step Character Are You ?

I wrote this quiz just for a little bit of fun. All this quiz does is tell what your like as a Next Step character. It asks you simple questions based on things related to the Next Step

I have eight amazing characters altogether. Their names are: James, Riley, Eldon, Thalia, West, Emily, Skyler and Michelle. These characters all have different lives and ways of dance

Created by: Riley
  1. Are you female or male ?
  2. What is your favourite colour ?
  3. What is your favourite form of dance ?
  4. What is your favourite type of dance ?
  5. Are you responsible or irresponsible
  6. Who would you like to date ?
  7. Why did you start to dance ?
  8. When did you start to dance ?
  9. How long have you been dancing?
  10. How old are you ?

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Quiz topic: Which Next Step Character am I ?