Which Tns character are you

Basically, this is a which tns character are you based on the way answered the questions you will see what tns character you are.you have to answer these questions honestly to actually get the correct character that represents you.

The options for characters are Michelle Richelle Summer West Eldon and Noah. They are all amazing dancers and they have an amazing personality one of the best they are tns legends. Good luck

Created by: Lily
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. What is your favorite dance style
  3. Who is your favorite character
  4. Are you a boy or a girl
  5. If someone forgot the choreography on stage what would you do
  6. If someone stands up to you, what do you do?
  7. If you were Amanda would you let Emily and Stephanie join Elite
  8. What is your favorite season
  9. What is your favorite competition
  10. Which is your favorite

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