Which next step bro are you?

Which The Next Step Lad are you? James, West, Hunter, Max or Eldon… Each very iconic and quite unforgettable, you’re never bored with these bros. Especially when they pull out the animal noises.

Don’t be scared, each of these guys have their own pros and cons, you won’t be disappointed with any outcome. Hopefully, you’ll rock it like these lads in the small group. Max was there in the audience for that one.

Created by: Simon
  1. What colour should Emily dye her hair?
  2. Jacquie wants to do another science experiment in her locker, what do you recommend?
  3. It’s duet time, who is your partner?
  4. Miss Kate dares you to dress up in the pigeon costume, what do you do?
  5. What’s your favourite way to eat potatoes?
  6. Who is your favourite trio?
  7. You’re at internationals and see Lucien teaching a yoga session, what did you do?
  8. You need to get a hat for a big dance competition, what are you choosing?
  9. What sort of chair would you be?
  10. What couple do you ship the most?

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Quiz topic: Which next step bro am I?