Who from The Next Step are you?

Are you a Tns fan? Do you ever wonder who you are? Then take this quiz to find out! Ps sorry West is not in the results. Anyway I will just do letters. Kidding.

OK so there will be 10 questions. Yep that's right! Are you exited? Say this to prepare. I am a Tns fan! Say that over and over again! Let's begin. See ya.

Created by: Bunnylover303
  1. Are you male or female?
  2. Describe your personality.
  3. What style do you do?
  4. What's your biggest fear?
  5. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
  6. If you were a boy which Tns girl would you date?
  7. Do you like Tns?
  8. If you were a girl which Tns boy would you date?
  9. What did you think when Michelle came through the door?
  10. What season of tns do you like?

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Quiz topic: Who from The Next Step am I?