How Much Do You Know About The Next Step? (Season One)

Are you a fan of The Next Step? Do you think you have a lot of knowledge about the show? Have you been paying attention to little details in it? Well here's your chance to prove it!

Take this awesome quiz and test your knowledge on this perfectly crafted series of excellence. Can you get one hundred percent? Let's find out, shall we?

Created by: Tess

  1. What is E-Girl rule number 46?
  2. What colour is Chloe's dance bag?
  3. In Season One Episode 13, Eldon asks Emily to be his girlfriend by performing a grand gesture in Studio A. He plays music, writes a poem on cards and presents it in front of everyone. What was written on the fourth poem card?
  4. In Season One Episode Five, half of the group goes to the beach while the E-Girls run a dance camp for the little kids that go to the studio. Margie goes missing, so Emily assigns places for the E-Girls to look. Where does Tiffany look?
  5. In what episode do the dancers find out that Emily and Michelle are co captains?
  6. What colour are Emily's shoes in the Seeds dance battle?
  7. What fruit is on the edge of Chloe's cup in Season One Episode 2?
  8. What visible poster is behind James and Riley in Season One Episode 15 at the time 14 minutes and 11 seconds?
  9. In Season One Episode 24, West orders a chai tea and then pays Chloe a 50 dollar tip. When she tells him that it is too much for her to accept, he tells her when the tea was discovered. Can you remember when it was?
  10. Below is a real lyric from the song "We Go". True or False? My palms get sweaty, my mouth is dry. It only happens with you and I don't know why.

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